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Insulated Concrete Forms - Overview

Costs, and Cons,Insulated concrete is a unique building technique, but what are the benefits, costs, and reasons to choose one type over another? Insulating concrete forms are used to develop concrete walls placed between two layers of insulation material. One reason builders opt to use them is because of their energy-efficient properties. Matt Risinger takes us to a house that uses insulated concrete blocks (ICF), utilizing EPS foam. ICF is intricate. Like doing a puzzle, it's tricky to figure out how to connect the floor system to the rest of the structure. From poured concrete floors, horizontal and vertical grids, to rebar spacing, using ICF is complicated and detailed. But it seems like it has its perks and is sturdy. The most critical thing you're going to want to focus on is the bracing on the inside. Tune in to learn more about the details of ICF.