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Insulation for Masonry Buildings - Historic Retrofit

Matt Risinger joins Kristoff Irwin to talk about how to insulate a masonry house. According to Irwin, the first two things that need to be thought about are control air and mass effects. You need the roof to be in good shape, to make sure the gutters and door sills are working, and check that the insulation catches all the air and water vapor coming in the house. Risinger and Irwin talk about insulating on the outside of cooler areas for masonry buildings. Since they'll get great insulation through the roof, the outside masonry aesthetics don't change. Learn also about the high-tech mechanical gear that ensures the thermal mass can shift the heat load to later in the day. What else? Learn about moving the vapor barrier to the inside for buildings like this with more northern climates. Irwin and Risinger do a great job explaining a masonry insulation product for anyone who may have a project that is similar.