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Interior Stone Walls - Supporting An Addition - Risinger Goes Rogue

In this video from the West 10th Street project, the builder (Matt Risinger), architect and engineer all came together to come up with a solution to a challenge. In putting on an addition, the architect wanted to expose the original 2-foot thick, load-bearing masonry wall at the back of the house, but there are floor joists above from the addition. How to support the floor and make sure it doesn't move or twist over time? In the video, Risinger shows how steel beams and different directions of LVLs coming into the steel beams on both sides make it structurally sound. Risinger shows placement of two angle irons with attached bolt threads which, once tightened, will add additional pressure to the structure and make sure nothing will move or twist over time. These kinds of framing solutions and creative problem solving come from experience and teamwork. Check out the video to see how the West 10th Street house is coming together from the inside out, or follow the blog at