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Interview HVAC Expert Allison Bailes - Risinger Goes Rogue at Building Science Camp

At Building Science Camp, Matt Risinger grabbed few minutes to talk with Allison Bailes of Energy Vanguard blogging fame. Allison is an expert on HVAC design & installation, and they talked best practices for heating and cooling systems for high-performance homes, including the need for dehumidifiers in Southern U.S. homes. Risginer did a quick qA with Allison and covers things like ERV vs. dehumidifier for a house in the South, and his top three concerns in the industry, including tech-driven startup products that haven't been properly vetted or tested for consistency or longevity. They also cover enclosure issues—we've gotten better at making homes airtight but not at controlling moisture. They discuss how lower bids have led to lower quality, and how to reverse that trend, including the importance of education," both of future customers and potential clients as well as those more junior in the industry. Watch the video to get the full convo and their opinions on the HVAC industry.