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Ipe Deck Drainage System - Trex Rain Escape

Can deck joists last 30-40-50 years, even when used for an exposed deck? The answer is yes. In this video, master builder Matt Risinger walks us through the building of a 20' x 20' uncovered balcony deck with a first-floor outdoor living space below and shows us how a RainEscape drainage system manages to waterproof the joists, keeping them in good shape potentially for decades. In this deck remodel for an existing home, an uncovered upper deck is open to the harsh Texas elements. Below the upper deck is living space that includes a built-in BBQ, fireplace and pool patio. While pine soffits are being installed between the two decks, they need to be waterproof as well as fit within a reasonable budget. To provide as much weatherproofing as possible, Risinger chooses a drainage system called RainEscape that includes troughs that fit into joist spaces, a collector that attaches to a gutter system and tape supplied for seams. He walks us through the installation of the RainEscape system, the addition of PVC pipe and how the water is transferred through the drainage system," doing little damage until it exits on the face of a rock wall. Risinger estimates that the expected deck system longevity will come from having deck joists fully waterproofed and from the use of IPE 1 x 6 on top of the new drainage system. The video provides many pointers and a common sense approach with beautiful results.