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Iso Board Roof Decking for a New High Performance Home

In this video, Matt Risinger teaches us the ins-and-outs of adding ISO Boards to a roof for insulation quality and waterproofing unlike the standard house roofing. Risinger and Sentinel Construction describe it as adding a second layer of roof, providing homes with a new high-performance value. Watch as Risinger takes us through four steps required to add the ISO board panels, foam insulation, and 24-gauge steel snap panels to the roof. Cutting out the middle-man, Sentinel Construction, instead uses raw materials to extract what they need. These high-performance roofs will last a minimum of 50 years, with the ability to be recycled and reused instead of being dumped in a landfill. ISO board roofing is a more productive option that adds better insulation value and cuts out all thermal bridging, for a more viable, high performance roof. Watch the full video to learn more.