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John Straube Interview - Risinger Goes Rogue

Check out this interview from Nerd Camp [The Westford Symposium on Building Science]. Matt Risinger chats with John Straube about hot topics like thermal bridging and air tightness, and about rebuilding all the "crap" they've built over the past century. Risinger and Straube discuss what they've learned about mold recently. Advice for building a mold-free home understand that it's more than just mold. Think about pollen, dust mites, particulates, etc., and make your space the healthiest and most comfortable indoor environment than it can be. Make your space better than the outdoors by controlling humidity and infiltrations. At the end of the day, the number one "granddaddy" of all mold is rain leaks and plumbing leaks.Risinger also wants to know whether or not spray foam is really that bad. The verdict? There can be problems, like with anything, but fundamentally, there's a lot that's right with using spray foam. Watch the video to experience all the wisdom that John drops on building science hot topics.