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Learn from Matt Risinger's Failure [A Building Science Lesson]

In this episode, Matt Risinger takes a deep dive into a past building failure. Based on comments on previous episodes, he wanted to respond to questions about some of the mistakes he raised in driving by other Austin home construction. So in this video, Risinger reveals the exact, expensive mistake he made, and the solutions used to fix it. Transparency is important so that everyone can learn from the lessons building science provides so we can build and remodel better homes. In the home where the mistake occurred, Risinger shows us how a screened porch has rotted in just a few years ("If it can't dry","it's gonna die." - David Nicastro). One of the big lessons learned is when wood framing gets wet, you have problems. And if it's an engineered product, like something made of tiny, flaked wood, you'll have rot even quicker. It's not necessarily bad products, but bad process that leads to failure. Small tips like a 5-degree bevel sloping outwards, shingle fashioning and flexible flashing can make a world of difference.