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Liquid Nails vs Loctite PL Construction Adhesive - Which is better? Pull off testing!

This video features both Matt RIsinger and Jordan Smith as they test Construction adhesives found on the shelf at Lowe's with a pull off test. Their hypothesis postulates that the more you spend, the more effective the adhesive. The results are along the lines of what you would expect yet there were still some surprises.For this test, they test adhesives from two different manufacturers, Liquid Nails and Loctite, at two price points. The test rig consists of a two ton chain hoist, a one ton scale, and a welded bracket at the bottom to hold down the test objects.To test the adhesive, the Build Show stars glued wood blocks to metal blocks with each type of adhesive.As you'll see, their hypothesis was correct; the more expensive adhesive yields a higher PSI pull off test. Check out the full video to see the tests in action.