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Lutron Countdown Fan Timer

In this short, informational video, Matt Risinger preps to install a countdown timer in the bathroom of a house he and his team are remodeling. Why? Moisture is the enemy of the home. You want all the moisture to vent out for quite a while after you are done showering. With an automatic countdown timer, you can turn on your fan and set it with the timer so it will run for an additional 20-30 minutes after you're done, venting out all that moist air. Risinger recommends the single-bulb Maestro countdown timer by Lutron, which you can set from 5-60 minutes, and then the fan will shut itself off. These run less than $50 and are fairly easy to install, even on a retrofit, and are such an important piece of a high-performance home that the Austin Energy Green Building Program gives one point for adding these to your home's bath exhaust fans. Follow this link to buy this fan (purchases at this link help support the blog):