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Lutron Maestro Wireless Lighting Controls Review

If you're looking to lighten up the exterior of your home or be able to turn on entry-way lighting while pulling into your driveway, implementing inexpensive wireless lighting control might be for you. In this video, master builder Matt Risinger and electrician John from Terry Maxwell Electric, show how easy it is to install and program wireless lighting controls by Lutron Maestro. Matt and John demonstrate the use of a small remote control to activate entry lighting in a remodel project with several exterior circuits. In addition to normal On/Off settings on the remote, the user can opt to click a Favorite setting that brightens the lights to exactly the level the homeowner desires. Inside the home, Risinger shows how easy it is to program the two wireless dimmers on the switch plate. Just press the dimmer, hit the off button on the remote and, voila! It's one of the easiest lighting programming operations available. What's the price tag for the Lutron Maestro? Approximately $150 for the switch and the remote. While the home in the video is a 1980s house that Risinger claims used to be the ugly duckling on the street, pre-remodel, the Lutron Maestro wireless system is appropriate for virtually any type, age and style of home. Check out the video and see how for just a few dollars and a short programming exercise," dramatic lighting can be in our hands.