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Make Up Air for Commercial Ranges in an Austin High Performance Custom Home

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Then you might want a large, gas range, which requires a significant hood to exhaust the air. Using high-performance building techniques, the goal is to build the tightest house possible. When vigilant about air sealing, this creates a problem for a commercial style range with a high CFM exhaust hood. Some hoods can give 600 to 1200 CFM of exhaust, but tight houses just don't have enough air to exhaust that volume of air. Matt Risinger gives us the solution to this problem. Like those in restaurant kitchens, the solution is called a make-up air system. Risinger shows us how he used a little bit of duct work and a damper to provide enough make-up air to ventilate your cooktop. Ready to install your restaurant-grade range? In this video you will learn how to adapt this for use in a residential house.