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Marcy Tyler Interview - Risinger Goes Rogue

Matt Risinger speaks with Marcy Tyler from Tremco at the 20th Annual Westford Symposium on Building Science Nerd Camp about Tremco's ExoAir products. According to Tyler, the future of wraps, peel and sticks, and applies will focus on durability and assembly. This is where Tremco's mind was when developing the ExoAir 220 and 230. Risinger picks her brain on the difference between nail sealability and gasketing. Watch as the duo continue their in-depth conversation about staples and avoiding the gasket effect, the most durable and protective sheathing materials, the ideal number of layers of fluids, and Trimco's new peel and stick with an aluminum face with a long UV life. Tyler teases a new permeable sheet that Tremco is working on, and lays out what you really need to know about UV resistance.