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Marvin vs Integrity Window Review

In this video, Matt Risinger review the differences between Marvin Full Line windows and Marvin's Integrity windows. While Risinger touts both lines' excellence, there are some significant differences that may be the deciding factor when it comes to selection. What are the key differences? The Marvin Full Line is a true wood window, meaning that the frame on them is truly wood and they're aluminum cladding on the outside. On the Marvin Integrity, instead of wood, uses fiberglass. There are a few details that make is slightly less appealing, but it's 25% less expensive and they still maintain a good appearance from the outside. There is still wood cladding on the inside so for the average consumer, you won't notice much of a difference. Risinger also reviews energy ratings. Watch the full video for a complete comparison. Don't forget to check out the amazing architecture by Nick Deaver, AIA, too.