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Metal Roofing & Siding - Top 10 Reasons to Choose it

Why should you consider metal roofing and siding? In this video, Matt Risinger, master builder, counts ten reasons. First, longevity. Metal roofing and siding are lifetime products. Second, no painting or maintenance. The metal is delivered factory painted with a finish that provides a 25 to 30-year warranty depending on the paint that you choose or the finish. Number three is efficiency. In the south, a light-colored roof or siding. There's a radiant barrier given the air gap behind the metal. Fourth, is easy install. This can be a do-it-yourself project. Five, it's easy to remove a panel for maintenance and put it back without destroying it. Six, the metal panel is 30 to 60% recycled content. At the end of its life, it will still be valuable and not end up in landfill. Seven, no rot. Eight, it's easy to clean with a quick power washing. Nine, hail and fire resistance wherever hail and wildfires are an issue. Ten, when building a super-efficient house, it's easy to make really easy metal trim pieces for windows and doors and add super thick insulation on the outside of the walls or the roof. Three to eight inches of foam on the outside of the house is easy to conceal with metal. Check it out when making decisions about siding and roofing for your build.