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Midcentury Modern Makeover

Take an inside look at the beautiful mid-century remodel and the lessons learned along the way. There's a lot of beauty found in 1940's to 1960's architecture, but when it comes to a remodel, these homes may require a ton of work. These older houses will usually be dark, drafty, and insufficient. At least, this is what we'll see in Matt Risinger's remodel here. This house was built by famous architect Ferrand Granger, and when purchased by its new owners it was understood that it would need a lot of work to complement its amazing shell. Hiring the right team is an important part of a stellar remodel. Dive in as the team remodels. Learn more about roof styling, (really getting the roof to blend well with the house), walls, floors, and doors to bring about the light and space of the remodeled house. Then step inside to check out how an HVAC system can cut the cost of utilities. Lastly, throw in an 11-kW solar array to make this a net zero house. With these steps, we're on our way to turning an old mid-century home into a pleasing modern day paradise.