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Mobile Crete on demand concrete (no waste)

Join Master Builder Matt Risinger as he pours a retaining wall on a home remodeling project. Mobile Crete, an on-demand concrete service, is supplying the concrete necessary for this 14-foot retaining wall project. The volumetric mixer is a concrete plant on wheels. This process for mixing concrete is fairly new and produces little to no waste. The aggregate, water, calcium and rock are separate in the truck and mixed outside, so you get just as many yards as you need. According to Risinger, ordering concrete can be a bit of a guessing game and this process almost eliminates wasted materials. Concrete is made to customer specifications right on the job site. The concrete is always fresh, allowing it to reach its full specified strength. Also, since concrete is made only as needed, the company can service small jobs or large ones, day or night, near or far. Customers pay only for what is used, not for what is ordered. This can result in an immediate savings of 10% for most projects. Check out the video to watch the truck in action.