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Modern Kitchen - Wood-Mode Cabinets & Sub-Zero Wolf Appliances Review

Adding details to your kitchen can transform the look and feel of one of the spaces you'll be in the most. In this video, Matt Risinger explores the details of an architectural kitchen. Risinger points out the details of a remodel on an old time house, such as the redesigned hardwood cabinets, the kitchen island, the wood floors, and even the appliances, designed by Ultra Studio Architect. When you have skilled architects and builders, along with excellent hardware, the capabilities are endless. Find out more about designing with depth for comfortability and the amount of space the design and build can provide to keep the mobility, and liveliness of the kitchen. Watch the full video for an inside look at the potential of your kitchen. For more information on the products discussed in this video, visit Wood-Mode & Subzero Appliances