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Modern Trim - How To

How are people creating a modern trim look in their homes? Matt Risinger explains how to approach a modern and clean edge for your doorways in a few easy steps. It's not your typical trim, but it's definitely a sharp and unique look for your home. All you need is a trim that will structurally serve as a regular trim for your doorways, but it'll be covered with drywall and completely unnoticeable as a finished product. Here he uses a prefabricated drywall edge with a ¼ -reveal to separate the edge of the drywall from the door frame. While the reglets used here are pretty expensive, you could substitute with a plastic variety edge. However, if you're looking for a clean and crisp look, then it's recommended to go with the aluminum. Watch the full video if you're looking for trim-less doors and a flush base to achieve that modern detailed home look.