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Overflow Pan on 95% Efficient Furnace install

HVAC systems use a ton of energy in the hot Texas climate. In this video, Matt Risinger works with his A/C contractor on the energy remodel of a 10 year old house, particularly the attic section where the furnace is installed. While previously this home had a furnace that was only about 70% efficient, with the upgrade, the new furnace will be closer to 95% efficient. Check out the video to see the best—and really only option for replacing a gas furnace in a sealed, unvented, spray-foamed attic, including how overflow pans work when cooling and condensing the gases when more of the heat is captured, and extras they've included to maximize efficiencies like a PVC flue. These changes will bring major savings and comfort to the homeowners. Check out the video to see how they tackle this challenge.