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Panasonic Bath Fans Video Review

We join Matt Risinger at a house that's just about complete so he can discuss his bath fan strategy and some fans he likes to work with. He first visits the home's powder bath—which is just a toilet and sink, typically used for visiting guests. In these rooms you often see a noisy fan, which can measure2 or even 3 sones (sone is a unit of noise). Risinger explains that he's ok with a noisy fan for this bath; you might want a little noise while you're in the bathroom at someone's home. For the master bath, you don't want a loud fan. Clients should be able to converse and not be drowned out by white noise. For these types of rooms, Risinger recommends two specific Panasonic fans. One is a contemporary fan/heater combo that makes very little noise and isn't super expensive. The other fan Risinger uses frequently is the Panasonic whisper series. It's very quiet but effective. Risinger also recommends putting fans on countdown timers. They need to run a long time to exhaust all the moisture out of the home, and with these timers, you can press a button and have the timer count down and turn off when things are really dry. By keeping the noise down, you won't be tempted to turn it off early just so you can converse with someone else. Comfort, noise factor, and durability, are all pluses to these models, which should last a long time. To buy the product, go to, or to see more recommendations, visit the blog at