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Perfect Roof AIA Summer Conference Presentation

Matt Risinger gives a presentation at the AIA Summer Conference on Joe Lstiburek's Perfect Wall Concept being applied to roofing. Risinger starts by showing a few examples of southern Texas architecture and proceeds into the goals for a Texas roof. Those goals are being durable, insulated and having the ability to protect the house. Risinger then talks about the different systems in Texas. Risinger also talks about the durability and lifespan of certain products versus the elements that Texas can receive. Risinger also goes over the procedure to utilize the perfect wall system to make the perfect roof system," making sure that you can get your roof to last 500 years or so. Risinger then shows some examples of what him and one of his builders Eric did to utilize this system making for a perfect roof. Through this video Risinger really gives good knowledge on utizlizing Joe Lstiburek's Perfect Wall System and turning it into the Perfect Roof System; giving the longevity of Texas roofs and extra 500 years.