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Perfect Wall Review - A system to Build an efficient house!

Imagine a house that could last 500 years, be built anywhere in the U.S. with amazing efficiency, indoor air quality, and comfort. That's what you can achieve when you implement the Perfect Wall System, an environmental separator, and an evolution of traditional construction that takes traditional building and refigures it to make it more efficient. The Perfect Wall System was created by Joe Lstiburek & Building Science Corporation. In this video, Matt Risinger is on-site touring a home he built that uses this system. The concept begins start with a standard package wood frame, but from there it strays from the norm, with all the systems outboard of the framing (all insulation and weather barriers are on the outside of the house). Construction has evolved and houses today require four basic layers to control the inside from the outside. These four control layers (in order of importance) area rain control layer (water), an air control layer (air), a vapor control layer (vapor), and a thermal control layer (heat). This order is important because if you can't keep the water out of your building who cares what insulation you're using. If air is leaking into your building who cares about your vapor control layer. The best location for these layers is outside the building. Dive into this video to learn more about this innovative approach to building.