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Plumbing Emergency Kit - Everyone should have these 14 items handy!

What is Matt Risinger's number one tip for plumbing emergencies? Shut off the water as soon as possible. In this video, Risinger will walk you through the must-have items for your plumbing emergency toolkit.The first tool is 12" Channellock pliers, which can help you lift off the man hole cover if you need to shut off the water at the meter. If you can't shut off the water, reach for the self-fusing silicon tape. This tape is so strong and flexible, it can stop a drain leak until the plumber can get there. For an active leak, you can also reach for one of your shark-bite connectors; a shark-bite coupling can fix a pipe or end cap can cap off the pipe. These are also only solutions until the plumber arrives. You also want to have a few different types of pipe cutters, such as a mini-tube and Lenox plastic tube cutters. Most plumbing emergencies stem from clogs, a zip-it snake or drain weasel can clear almost any drain clog. If you have these in your tool kit, you don't need to bother with any chemicals. Finally, make sure you have the basics in your tool kit, such as a screwdriver, crescent wrench, and small pliers. Throw it all into your metal toolbox, and you'll be ready for any plumbing emergency. Check out the full video to see Matt and Jordan stop an active pressure leak with silicon repair tape.