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Prefabricated Masonry Fireplace

Metal fireboxes that are gas-fed with fake-looking fires are in many American homes. In this video, Matt Risinger offers a solution to new builds or remodels where a fireplace is incorporated. Consider a prefabricated hybrid masonry unit, which is a true wood-burning fireplace that looks like a traditional masonry fireplace. However, the bottom half is masonry that's married to a metal flue. While there have been many masonry fireplaces built over the past six decades, there is a lack of skilled masons. In the case of the hybrid, one skilled installer with one to two helpers can build a hybrid fireplace in a day. One hybrid is a FireRock brand that is delivered on a pallet from the factory. Everything is prefabricated and it goes together like a Lego puzzle. A hole is drilled on the side for the gas line to light logs, or a fake log set can be used. The inside is lined with fire brick and all of the connections between the masonry and the metal are created at the factory. Easy to install, it will cost approximately one third of a traditional masonry fireplace yet has all of the same benefits. The last step is to drill in fresh air inputs. The result is a true masonry look, no glass on the front, fireproofing, the hearth is to code and there's an insert to protect the hardwoods. It was decided not to make this a wood-burning fireplace. The gas log lighter was hooked up to a linear burner and a metal plate was custom fabricated with a slit in the center for the flame to come through. There is still fresh air input whenever the fireplace is used. It's important to have combustion air coming right to the fireplace and the mechanical damper or the flue is used to ensure that combustion gases are going out of the house. It's a beautiful fireplace, very traditional, yet it can be set up in just one day and for a lot less.