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Rain Escape Deck Drainage System Post-Install Review

In a remodel on a home originally built in the 1980s, Master Builder Matt Risinger used Trex Rain Escape on this Ipe deck to keep the patio area underneath dry. The Rain Escape system is an internal gutter system that collects the water from the Ipe deck above and prevents it from spilling onto the patio below. The rain escape system is essentially a collection of a plastic gutter system built into the decking. In this case, the drainage runs through a hidden PVC pipe in a column, under the pool, and out to the appropriate drainage area.You may notice that the soffit beneath the Rain Escape system is wood; you'll learn why it was pre-treated and sealed on all six sides before installation.In this video, Risinger will walk us through how the system works and tell you why it is a good choice for your deck project.