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Remodel Framing Tip - Load Bearing Walls - Risinger Goes Rogue

Matt Risinger doesn't just do new home construction, he also specialize in remodeling. Remodeling almost always requires changing and removing load-bearing walls. In this video, Risinger describes how they use an adjustable steel column to support a temporary structure instead of two-bys. These are often used in commercial construction but not as much in residential construction, but they offer a great advantage. Simply adjust the column to the right size, drop the pin for stability and then screw it to the exact correct height. These columns can hold a ton of weight and then can be dropped out and reused on the next job, saving money since you'll use them over and over again.

The video is a team effort, including partnerships with companies like Marvin Windows (, DAP (, Cosella-Dorken (, and Sugatsune ( Watch the video to see just how these adjustable steel columns can be used in home remodeling and home construction.