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Roll On Under Slab Insulation! Never seen this before!

In this video, you can check out a new product that Matt Risinger came across in South Carolina. "The Barrier", which is an EPS foam made by NOFP, is a rolled insulation for your concrete foundation. This video features the largest roll, which is 1 ¼" and yields an R value of 5.3. You can use this rolled insulation to create an insulated slab, like they're doing for this ICF (insulated concrete form) house.Not only is "The Barrier" an insulation option, it also has a pre-bonded vapor barrier, which means you only have one step before pouring the 4" concrete slab. This product is probably not what you want for northern, colder climates, but this roll could be a good option to create an insulated slab in a warmer, southern climate. Check out the quick video to see "The Barrier" up close.