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Roxul Plant Tour and Burn Test

Matt Risinger visits the Roxul Insulation manufacturing plant near Memphis, TN, where he takes a tour of the facility to see how their stone wool insulation is made. The video includes a couple of great highlights of the tour like the Sound Wall (check out the video to see how many decibels the sound goes down just stepping inside the walkway—and yes, Matt brought his sound meter). The tour ended with a demonstration illustrating the fire-resistance of the product by burning of a small sample house built entirely out of Roxul insulation that had a box of chocolates inside (watch the video to see how the chocolates fared!). Matt is also joined by Danny Lipford from the show Today's Homeowner ( Both men agree that homeowners should know about Roxul and how easy it is to cut and install, delivering fire resistance, soundproofing, and water repellant with no aggravation, itching, irritation or air contamination.