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Screen Porch Waterproofing - Carlisle Flexible Flashing

There's a new product on the scene that will go far in helping you to waterproof your screen porch, flexible flashing. In this video, Matt Risinger reviews Carlisle Flexible Flashing, Installation of the flexible flashing is demonstrated on a second-floor screened-in porch in an environment at high-risk for moisture. This installation is actually the result of waterproofing problems from when the porch was originally built, just a few years before. Risinger recommends the use of a primer from Carlisle, the CCW-702, as well as the Carlisle CCW-705 Air & Vapor Barrier, which is a peel-and-stick product for cavities and walls. The barrier, in this case is shingled to ensure waterproofing of the whole system. It's the Carlisle Flexible Flashing, however, that will add waterproofing at all of the connections of the boards. The video shows a step-by-step process of moving from bottom to top for the installation of the porch waterproofing. What's clear is that this product is pressure sensitive and, once you put it down, well, it will be difficult to move around. The video provides a great tutorial in the use of the Carlisle Flexible Flashing and a demonstration of its ability to prevent rot," mold and water penetration.