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Sill Sealer - Cheapest Green Building Product Award

The humble sill sealer is a very important player in building a tight house, yet it's often forgotten! Master Builder Matt Risinger reminds all builders, regardless of where you are in the country, to utilize this cheap and easy tool before you raise any walls. Risinger recommends that the Weathermate Sill Seal Foam Gasket by Dow Corporation for any instance where you are building on a concrete foundation. Sill sealer is about ¼- inch thick, and all you must do is attach it to the bottom plate boards on your exterior walls. Risinger shows us how easy it is to attach the sill sealer—all you need is a staple gun. The sill sealer forms a gasket, which helps avoid air infiltration, adapts to any irregularities in the concrete slab, and prevents moisture from the concrete wicking into the wood. Like Risinger says, it's cheap and effective, everyone's favorite combination!