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Simulated Hail Damage Test & Asphalt vs Slate vs Metal Roofing

If you live in a hail-prone area, you're likely concerned about damage to the roof. Matt Risinger and Jordan Smith will test different roofing materials against the destruction of hail to show us which material is best for withstanding the natural damage. Smith built an ice gun to shoot through the different roofing sheets and the two conducted the test on asphalt, slate and metal roofing. They fire away at different asphalt roofing pieces showing how resistant asphalt roofing is to ice damage. Then they unload against different types of metal roofing, followed by slate roofing. Check out this visual approach to determining the resistance these roofing types have against hail. Though this was mainly just a fun experiment for Risinger and Smith because hail does not fire at 100 mph.