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Slab Foundation vs Crawl Space for Sloping Texas Custom Home

Matt Risinger takes us to a whole house remodel/addition job where the home sits on a steeply sloping lot. While Risinger is a fan of slab foundations, they don't always make sense, and this video illustrates why. The owners originally wanted a slab, but when the ground is sloping it can be a lot more expensive considering fill, additional concrete and rebar. In the case of this home, they instead built a large crawl space that will serve as a boat garage (and extra storage). This also provides a great opportunity to make a more energy-efficient home, as they've spray foamed under the foundation (3.5 inches thick), insulating the foundation so it won't soak up the heat and send it through the house. There's less heat gain in a house when it is spray-foamed at the foundation level this way. Plus, for any future remodel, it's much easier with this type foundation as you have better access to pipes and such. Less expensive, more storage space," better insulation and easier future remodeling—all good reasons to go with a crawl space on this sloping type of lot. Watch the video to see how it's all coming together.