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Smart Locks - Whats New in 2017

At a recent builder's show, master builder, Matt Risinger visited the Schlage and Kwikset. At the Schlage booth, a representative walked through a few new solutions. From a keypad lock, Schlage Connect to a Bluetooth-enabled lock, Schlage Sense, that works with Apple products and Siri's voice control to unlock doors.At Kwikset's booth, Risinger learns about a new kevo lock, which is a Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt so that your smartphone now becomes your key. As long as the phone is near the lock, it will operate it. It's also possible to get an audit trail, to see who's gone in and out of the home. When you want to let someone into your home, you can send them an electronic key before they arrive so that they can let themselves in. Another new lock is the Kwikset Premis which is a touchscreen smart lock. Just touch and hold to activate and you can connect via Apple products as well. Finally," a miniature version is the Kwikset Obsidian. This one is the company's first keyless lock. Simply operated by touch only and it's programmed at the lock itself. This is the smallest and most sleek of the offerings. Check out how smart locks have changed and see what is most functional for you.