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Social Media How and Why - For Builders, Remodelers, Suppliers, and Trades

Social media can be a challenge. What kind of success can you achieve on social media, and why and how should you get into it? Matt Risinger of Risinger Homes ( talks with Nick Schiffer from @NSBUILDERS ( about social media best practices, strategies and success. Nick has more than 60,000 followers on Instagram and Matt has slowly but steadily been growing his YouTube presence for a few years, but why is it important? What does it do for your business, particularly as a home builder, remodeler or contractor? The two social media gurus talk passion for the work and getting buzz around your business. Best practices like consistency, quality and frequency are key. These are visual platforms so photography and video are also important. Your follower could be a potential client, architect, designer—you never know who you're reaching. Watch to learn some of the important how and why aspects of developing your social media presence.