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Soundproofing a Bedroom to Family Room Wall

Let's just say that you're building a home for your family. It's perfect and has all the space you need and is even big enough for a family room. But then during demo you realize the TV shares a wall with your daughter's bedroom and leaving the TV on subtitles during a movie can get really old, really fast. Luckily, Matt Risinger has a solution. In this video, Risinger will show up some of the simplest ways to avoid that whole fiasco with some of his best soundproofing hacks, one of which is polyurethane spray foam. He recommends a thickened drywall that forms a sandwich two pieces of drywall connected by a thin layer of concrete. This is the equivalent of several layers of drywall. The other side is covered in spray foam to combat the noise, as well. Risinger also warns us to not forget those pesky areas where light tends to sneak in like electrical outlets, because where light can come through, sound will follow. Watch the full video to learn more about soundproofing techniques.