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Soundproofing Cheap Trick - Putty Pads

Master builder, Matt Risinger provides many sound tips and tricks for pros to do-it-yourselfers. This, however, is a really sound trick—using Putty Pads to reduce noise between rooms. According to Risinger, anywhere there's an electrical outlet, in effect a hollow box with a lot of air flowing around in it, you guessed it, there's also a lot of sound flowing around too that transfers from one room to another. By using a putty pad, in this case, QuietPutty pads, Risinger shows us how to block that sound and add considerable soundproofing within your walls. Best of all, it's an expensive solution.This is just one method, but it's fast, easy and, well, cheap. So, get sound results by using this especially sound trick to keep the noise pollution down in your building.