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Soundproofing Cheap Tricks

Soundproofing is a hot topic when it comes to homes, condos, and apartments. Sometimes you're not worrying about noisy neighbors, but you may want to soundproof the baby's room for nap time or the laundry room. Matt Risinger discusses how you can figure this out in a cheap and easy way. Noise can come through outlets a lot of the time, and you may notice the sound of running water when the toilet flushes across the house. So how do you get around this? Quiet putty and quiet sealant are perfect for the perimeter of the sheet rock. Quiet putty is like silly putty that quiets your home. You can line the inside of the outlet, or the PVC pipes in your walls that allow water to flow for an instantly soundproofed home! Watch the video to learn more. Risinger uses using Quietrock brand Quietputty pads on the outlets, double hanging the sheetrock, and Quietpipe cast iron plumbing pipes. Here's the option for the Sound Pads Risinger mentions in the video and here's the noise compound in tubes