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Spray Foam & LSL Studs on a remodel/addition

Using open cell foam for air sealing and insulating is great for hot/humid climates such as Austin, Texas. In this video, Matt Risinger is at a remodel of a 1940's house and the plan is to spray foam in the cavity. Risinger is a fan of open-cell spray foam as it seals every gap and hole, expanding and providing air sealing as well as insulation.In this remodel, LSL studs are used as the walls had to be particularly straight, especially in the master bath where there is a floating vanity and floating mirrors. LSL studs are dead flat straight and easy to work with yet have the same carrying and load capacity as a standard pine 2 x 6. It is also recycled material. The cavities will have approximately 3 ½" of foam in a 2 x 6 cavity.