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Steel / Wood Hybrid Floor Truss - RedBuilt Review

Are you building a modern house with headers in the ceiling line? You might consider these trusses from RedBuilt. Join Master Builder Matt Risinger on a tour of a project he is building with Michael Hsu Office of Architecture. What makes RedBuilt trusses special? These steel and wood hybrids are about 30 inches deep, which leaves a ton of space to run mechanical and duct work, which is a must for houses without basements, like most in Texas.The tube steel beams are mounted on traditional wood beams, so you can still connect drywall in your "normal" way. You'll also learn about the most exciting benefit of using these trusses, and how that gives architects even more freedom when designing custom homes.Watch the full video to learn even more benefits allowed by the RedBuilt steel and wood hybrid floor trusses.