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SubFloor Adhesive Test - SmartBond vs PL400

Are you in search of the best sub-floor adhesive? In this MythBusters style video, watch as Master Builder Matt Risinger and Project Manger Tim Hill set up a test to identify the strongest sub-floor adhesive. Two identical pieces of AdvanTech 1 1/8" plywood are attached to decking with about six inch strips of the adhesive. They rigged up a system with a 1,000 pound scale and a come along to see how well each adhesive holds. While PL400 has been industry standard for a long time, SmartBond is new to the game and proving its worth. You can see the demonstration of a SmartBond application - the SmartBond foam is much more efficient (and fun to use).Want to know who won? No spoilers here, check out the video to see who won and by how much!