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Cutting Stress with a Quiet Home

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We’re all too familiar with our reactions to doors, drawers, and cabinets slamming and toilet lids banging down on the seat. The discomfort and even stress that these sounds make is real and can affect both our well-being and, now that more of us are working from home, even productivity.

There are a variety of ways to turn transform your noisy house into a quiet home. For example, implementing strategies like carpeting over wood floors, insulation around some of your noisier appliances, and throwing some thicker drapes over your windows to drown out the outdoor sounds. But what about quieting the home at the more structural level and incorporating quiet home technology into the parts of your home that you use every day?

One company, Sugatsune, has taken the lead by dampening sound from these sources by combining elegant motion design and quiet soft movement. Sugatsune’s unique design approach results in the improved operability of doors and lids by incorporating many types of motion. It also improves ergonomics and efficiency involved with routine opening and closing movements.

The company’s “quiet home concept” was first introduced over 30-years ago with its UDH rotary damper that enabled a worldwide known manufacture market toilet seats that closed slowly and quietly. From toilet seat lids, the concept expanded to also enable soft-closing doors, cabinets, and drawers with dampening technology developed based on the UDH.

Today, Sugatsune’s LAPCON technology encompasses many products, including SLS Elan, SLUN, and SLD lid stays. LAPCON products are used in a variety of cabinet and storage under bench seating applications, whereby a lid stay arm holds a panel in place when in use, and softly self-closes when pushed shut.

Sugatsune’s damper technologies and stainless steel acumen resulted in the introduction of the world’s first stainless steel soft close drawer slide, the ESR-SC4513, used in commercial equipment, garage storage, and outdoor living applications.

The LDD-s surface-mount door damper is extremely popular and easily installs on doors to prevent loud slamming, protect the safety of fingers, and prevent fewer nicks and bumps along the frame where the door hits.

The most recent elegant motion product family from Sugatsune is the Aileron System that provides for a continuous-door movement with adjustable closing speed and free-stop functions, ideal for such applications such as toy boxes and upward-lifting cabinets.

Specially designed for use with the OLYMPIA concealed hinge, a lift-assist capability allows for nearly effortless opening of doors, so that even heavier lids feel light. The system also delivers the ability to hold in position with a free-stop function, as well as to close gently.

The Aileron incorporates the revolutionary Olympia hinge which is the first 35mm European Cup Hinge to feature a 5-speed adjustable soft-closing damper.

Sugatsune prides itself on being ahead on elegant motion/quiet-home technology, going further to eliminate stressful noise in the home. Its technology is extremely easy to install for professionals and for do-it-yourselfers. Its products improve our homes by providing elegance coupled with substantial noise reduction, for a more stress-free life.