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Swiss Building Sections - Explained

Building approaches and techniques are so different in Switzerland when compared to building science in the US. From foundation to roof, they integrate interesting ways to go about soundproofing, stability, and longevity in a house. Matt Risinger takes us through some of the materials used in a standard Switzerland house, and shows us some pretty cool stuff. When Matt was visiting a window factory he found a super cool full sized building section mockup that shows standard Swiss building techniques. The floor is based with sand for soundproofing, insulation board, heat tubing, and then flooring resting on top. The walls vary, however, this particular model has interior sheathing, tape for air tightness, interior vapor barrier, insulation inside framing, and a wooden fiber insulation on the outside to really protect the inside of the house from extremely cold temperatures outside. Tune into the full video to take a peek at some of these amazing building approaches!