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The Delta Layer How Germans make their homes Air and Water Tight

In this video, Matt Risinger and Jordan Smith spend their last day of their European tour at the Dorken plant in Herdecke, Germany to see how they make their air and water membranes. If you watch Risinger's videos, you've probably seen him use the Delta Vent SA. Jordan shares how the membrane that might be on your house is actually made.The Delta Vent SA consists of a fiber mat on the bottom, a polymer membrane in the middle, and another fiber mat on the outside. Together, it forms a composite product that has strength and UV protection on the top and bottom and the polymer membrane in the middle that provides the air sealing and water vapor permeability. So how is the product actually made? The polymers arrive in pellet form, which are then heated on the production line and then coextrude the polymers with additives for the outside shell and keep pure polymer on the inside. Think of it like sunscreen - you want the protection on the outside to be most effective. The end product are fine strands that look like hair that form the top and bottom mats. Another polymer membrane creates the middle. It all comes together ultrasonically to form a composite sandwich. The specific additives are proprietary information, but it is all controlled within the factory to ensure the best possible product.Dorken is over 125 years old and began as a paint company. They began making construction products, such as house wraps and membranes in the 1960s as a response to more stringent building codes in Germany.Check out the full video to actually watch Delta Vent SA being made and more!