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The Modern Craftsman Podcast Builders at the Intl Builder Show 2018

Matt Risinger, master builder, sits down with Modern Craftsman Podcast Builders at a recent IBS. In this video and asks their opinions covering the best and worst of the show. Votes for best include the energy of the people attending, the support within the industry and the notion of craft. Innovation within products is very cool and the age group represented is great—young and old and the worst, products shown that don't stand up to the level of quality that this group believes in. Examples of worst include digitally printed siding that lacks both quality and craftsmanship, a lot of companies are putting out the same product as everyone else rather than spending resources on new product development. Discussion moves to Industry trends and responses include automated toilets, incorporating mirrors with lights—a lot of bathroom stuff. Continuing last year's there's a lot of black, a lot of matte finishes, replacing a lot of sheen, bigger windows and doors, minimizing and streamlining frames and energy efficiency., home automation technology, control and monitoring, stone finish, everything is getting bigger. Top three concerns for the upcoming year include new product education, maintaining craftsmanship and pushing for better end products, healthy living, pushing craftsmanship and elevating the industry as a whole, getting younger generation involved in this, get away from the builders/contractors tarnished image, expanding what we do, reaching out with best practices to the industry so that what we do doesn't die.