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This is the Biggest Difference Between Pro and Amateur Home Building

Matt Risinger shares some of his inside tips for how to build a great house even in terrible weather conditions. If you have ever walked into a house that was fairly new but the finishes looked tired, the hardwood has shrunk, and the caulking and drywall are cracked, you'll want to watch this episode of the Build Show to learn the secrets to a keeping a house looking as good as it did on day one. Humidity and water are the enemy of the builder and homeowner. Moisture causes materials to swell and expand during building, and then it shrinks after ownership. The secret is conditioning the house while you're building it, creating ideal or close to ideal conditions inside the house. Risinger prefers a Quest conditioner but there are plenty of resources out there. He delves into exactly how to do this while building, including best practices, lessons learned and product recommendations. Dehumidifer sell the Quest model he loves on Amazon but the price is a bit high Goodman Package Heat Pump Unit