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This NEW Home has an OLD SOUL

Matt Risinger and Brent Hull give us a look at a historic house that’s been in the works for about three years. But guess what? It’s not really an old house! It just looks old. The goal was to give a new build an old feel with interesting and beautiful features. So, how do you incorporate a European style with a contemporary flair? Walk through this colonial European style infused with just the right material choices and building style. In this case they used a wood frame with a block wall to add a subtle detail to the outside that makes it feel bigger. It’s important to remember that when working a project like this, the little extra details put into it make it better. What types of details will Matt and Brent take you through? - The main entryway will soften the feel of the house with the wood used above. - Moldings and casings: Moldings that are 2 inches off the wall! - The use of maple around the doorways that provides a great depth as you walk through. - An inexpensive spiral staircase that adds a fine touch. - The rotunda, fireplace, two-fold doors, and antique firebrick on the first floor. - The incredibly high ceilings in the kitchen. - The transition between stone kitchen floor and an antique engineered wood floor. There’s also use of hierarchy: spaces you know you’re supposed to go into. The way the house is crafted calls you into certain rooms. Learn more about how to choose your details so that the rooms call you in. And if you’re building a new house and want that old feel, consider dropping your square footage of your home to add details like the ones Matt and Brent will take you through.

Hull Millwork