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This process is a game changer for building an efficient home

Matt Risinger knows the ins and outs of building science and products, so rarely does he come across something new that he considers to be revolutionary -until now. In this video, you'll witness a process (Aerobarrier system) can change the way houses are built in terms of indoor air quality, comfort, and efficiency. It's so important to air seal a home because when air can leak in it leaves you susceptible to bugs and mold. This system creates a tight seal via an acrylic mist because if you can't create a proper envelope around your home, you can't truly create healthy air conditions inside. This incredible process allows you to be 90% better than code even requires for a home. How it works First equipment is set up at the job site. This includes a compressor, generator, blower door, emitters, hoses, and the AeroBarrier machine. Then the space needs to be prepped by taping and covering areas that will not be sealed. Next the space needs to be pressurized. After that," watch the results in real-time. A computer monitor displays the ACH improvement which allows you to fully control your desired level of envelope tightness and leakage reduction. Watch the full video to learn more details about this process.