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Three Framing Tips - Modern Architecture

On Brian Long's job site, you will hear some framing tips for building a new home with modern details. When building a modern home, you want to make sure everything is perfectly straight to achieve the aesthetic. Long chose to use LSL studs (Laminated Strand Lumber) because they are perfectly straight, even at 64 feet. As an added bonus, the LSL studs are two to three times as strong as traditional lumber. Do note, however, that there is about a 10 to 15% cost increase over traditional Douglas Fir framed houses. Sometimes the added cost is worth it, not only for the physical quality, but also the sustainability. All LSL studs are SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) approved. They use 20-year-old trees to manufacture the lumber, and immediately re-plant new ones, which keeps them out of old-growth forests. You'll also hear about the sheathing used by Long. He chose Huber Advantech sheathing, which has the same glue as their floor products, no delamination if there's adverse weather before the house is wrapped.Finally, you can check out the ceiling framework. LVL rafters are notched to create room for the metal supports, which creates a perfectly flat canvas for the sheetrock and drywall. In a modern home, you want to ensure the straight, clean lines on the walls, ceilings, and floors.Check out the full video to see all of the framing come together