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Tiny House Tips

Whether the house you're building is big or small, master builder Matt Risinger has tips for you in this video. In this video, when building a tiny house in Austin, TX designed for the Community First Village homeless transition program, Risinger shares the lessons they've learned.For example, they used a wide roof and a metal roofing product which reflects life and lasts longer than asphalt shingle roofs. It is also more affordable and easily installed. Using exterior rigid foam on the rooftop helps with expansion and contraction due to weather.Cedar was used on all areas of the house where the wood will be exposed, given its naturally rot and bug resistant characteristics. Posts in the home were set to avoid direct contact with the concrete foundation, and in a manner that would prevent rot and allow water to escape. Dupont Tyvek products were used, including FlexWrap and three sides of windows have Tyvek flashing. Finally, there is a gap behind the metal siding and exterior to allow air and water to pass through without doing damage.This might be a tiny house, but the lessons learned are transferrable to large homes. Catch the video and see the project.